Mike Maciel


Motivated by the success of the work of Jesus Christ in my life, I have learned that all things are possible when we have faith and when we are faithful to our duties and honorable to the people around us. This is the model of this business, we care to provide our customers the best service so they can protect the assets they have worked so hard for. With this in mind we provide professional knowledge and reliable information which is crucial to our customers successful decisions. Finaly then, they can experience satisfaction and peace of mind.

Bill Dodson

Marketing Director

My first job was in a grocery store while in high school and I continued with the same company for 10 years while studying computer engineering and computer science in college. I was in a terrible car accident at age 25 that should have been fatal for me. That day changed the direction of my life completely and I ended up working in the construction trade for 21 years specializing in roofing and restoring commercial roofs. As I look back on the events of my life, I recognize that there was a plan the whole time. As you learn more about us, you will see that we are much more interested in you than only selling insurance!

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