Mike Maciel


Motivated by the success of the work of Jesus Christ in my life, I have learned that all things are possible when we have faith and when we are faithful to our duties and honorable to the people around us. This is the model of this business, we care to provide our customers the best service they deserve to protect the assets they have conquered. With our professional knowledge, reliable information is crucial to our customers success and they will experience satisfaction, security and peace of mind.

Bill Dodson


My management experience includes managing the Grocery Department in a grocery superstore and managing a construction business. A near fatal car accident at age 25 changed my life from atheist to faith in the Most High God, the Designer and Creator of all things. The change from atheist did not happen suddenly, in fact it was a process and was the best thing that ever happened to me! Feel free to contact me if you would like to know more. I had been pursuing a degree in Computer Engineering, but my life was so radically changed I started allowing God to guide me day by day. This led me into the construction trade and managing residential home roof replacement and large commercial roof restorations, and now into 2GetCoverage.com operations.

I am thankful for my past experiences and it is my desire to represent my faith in God to serve and help as many people as possible. Being a part of 2GetCoverage.com is exciting because of the opportunity to help more people than I ever could before. The need to help families and businesses with their finances and insurance is clear; but giving people real hope today is what really motivates us to keep moving forward - it is actually the main reason why we created this agency! We hope we are able to help you with all of your insurance and coverage needs, but even more importantly with The Greatest Coverage of all time and which is completely free!

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